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Public adjusters are incredibly unique members of the insurance industry. Why? They are the only professional who actually works on behalf of the insurance policy holder rather than working for the insurance company. This is what makes public adjusters the most valuable, trustworthy and reliable professionals for insurance policy holders and one of the reasons why hiring a public adjuster is crucial to the success of your insurance claim. However, there are some things that you might not know about public adjusters and their services. In this latest blog article on the Kend Adjusters site our team is sharing 2 things you might not know about public adjusters.

  • Public Adjusters Can Help Calculate Your Estimate

Many insurance policy holders are aware that public adjusters can help you to file, and assign your insurance claim. However there are many insurance policy holders who aren’t aware that a public adjuster can also help you to calculate the estimate for your insurance claim. That’s right, public adjusters possess special tools and skills enabling them to calculate accurate estimates to ensure your insurance claim amount is correct. At Kend Adjusters, we use Xactimate software to produce the highest level of estimations for our insurance policy holder clients. Want to find out more about how our team of public adjusters can help you to calculate the perfect estimate for your insurance claim? Click here to check out the services page on our site where we break down how we do this and our other public adjuster service offerings. 

  • Public Adjusters Will Help You Negotiate Your Claim

Have you ever experienced your insurance claim being rejected? Perhaps you have heard of it happening to a friend, family member or work colleague. Having an insurance claim rejected can be very distressing but it doesn’t mean all hope is lost for your insurance claim. Public adjusters can help you to negotiate your insurance claim with your insurance company, helping you to get the insurance claim payout you deserve. Find out more about how we can help on the service page on our website by clicking here.


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