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Public Adjuster Services

Only public insurance adjusters act on behalf of policyholders. Individuals and corporations use public insurance adjusters when they require help filing a claim or believe an insurance company’s claim amount is inaccurate.

Public adjusters may submit and negotiate claims for damage caused by flood, fire, smoke, wind, and hurricanes, as well as other risks. Other sorts of losses, such as company revenue, may occur from property damages, which public adjusters may assess.

Why Kend?

We know that no single approach is the right one for each client. Kend Adjusters are trained in Water and Fire damage from the LLCRC licensed facility. We diagnose mold and asbestos issues certified with Dot Licenses.  Using Xactimate software to produce the highest level of estimation. We have numerous vendors from Restoration companies, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Content companies, and Insurance Lawyers. A systematic approach that cannot fail if we stand with our clients to be on a level playing field with the Insurance Companies to maximize your returns.

Public Adjuster Services | Kend Adjusters

Services Public Adjusters Provide

Public adjusters are specialists in the finer points and wording of insurance policies, as well as the filing and adjustment of claims. They usually have past expertise in construction or a similar sector, and they employ sophisticated tools to provide an unbiased assessment of a client’s property damage. They understand how to track and submit a policyholder’s first and supplementary claims.

They also assist customers in negotiating with subcontractors and their insurance companies. Having an adjuster all across the procedure not only shields the insured from dangers caused by inexperience but also saves the adjuster time.

Insurance Claims Public Adjusters | Kend Adjusters

Filing Claims

We guide our clients through the difficult process of creating an estimate for damages and loss. When requesting a claim, Kend Adjusters works together with vendors to handle cleanup and stop any further damage to build a detailed estimate. Our main goal is to help the policy holder maximize their return from the insurance company.

Assigning claims

We have Builder Contractors and High-End Developers that understand pricing on commercial and residential properties. Kend Adjusters will provide a team of professionals to remove all damaged or destroyed materials.
Assigning claims | Public Adjusters | Kend Adjusters
Relocation Services | Public Adjusters | Kend Adjusters

Relocation Services

As a policy holder your loss of your Commercial or Residential building can result in a major situation for you or your family. We help clients relocate during reconstruction phase or lease a new property.


We will handle all the negotiations with insurance companies to give you peace of mind. Our Building and Contents Estimates are free of charge! We work with Structural Engineers and Professional Builders to create an estimate portfolio for the insurance companies.

Calculate Insurance Estimate | Public Adjusters | Kend Adjusters

Do You Need To Hire A Public Adjuster?

Anyone contemplating making a property insurance claim should consider employing a public adjuster, particularly if the claim is large. As a policyholder, you stand to lose very little: Many public adjustment businesses make free visits to a property loss to assist policyholders in determining the extent of damage and whether or not to submit an insurance claim.

Even if a policyholder is certain in the cash amount of their property damage, getting a second opinion on an expensive event like a house insurance claim is a smart idea. When adjusters visit a house or company, they often discover that their damage estimate is significantly lower than it should be. 

Public adjusters are specialists, so it’s unlikely that they’ll leave out charges that a policyholder would overlook or be unaware of in their calculations. If a section of a roof is destroyed by wind, for example, a homeowner runs the danger of underestimating the cost of a new roof and overlooking the expense of removing the damaged roof entirely.

So, policyholders must verify that they are claiming the right amount, which may be done with the assistance of a public adjuster.

They also assist customers in negotiating with subcontractors and their insurance companies. Having an adjuster all across the procedure not only shields the insured from dangers caused by inexperience but also saves the adjuster time.

Is Your Public Adjuster Qualified?

A policyholder may prefer to hire a more experienced public adjuster depending on the severity and complexity of a claim. Inquire about the sorts of cases they’ve handled and if they’ve dealt with your insurance company before. Inquire about the length of time public adjusters have been in business and the sorts of claims they have handled. 

This information should be shown on an adjuster’s website, and in general, more experienced adjusters charge a higher cost. Remember that the number of years an adjuster has worked or the number of claims they handle each year are not always indicative of their degree of experience. 

A really skilled adjuster, for example, may only take on a dozen claims each year, but that’s just because they prefer to deal on complex, intricate claims with high dollar values.

A calamity may knock you out and off your feet and throw you into a time-consuming insurance procedure you’ve probably never dealt with before. Consider working with our Kend Adjusters team of public adjusters to obtain the most from the insurance claim, faster.