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A public adjuster is a professional who helps people with their insurance claims. They check the damage, read insurance policies, talk to the insurance company, and make sure people get the right amount of money for their losses.

You might need a public adjuster when you have a tricky or expensive insurance claim, problems with the insurance company, not enough time or knowledge for the claim process, or want to get the most money you can.

A public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. They want to make sure you get a fair deal. The insurance company’s adjuster works for the insurance company.

Public adjusters check the damage, write down what you lost, understand your insurance rules, talk to the insurance company, and guide you through the whole claim process.

Public adjusters usually get paid a part of the money you get from the insurance claim. It’s a percentage of the total amount they help you receive.

Yes, having a public adjuster can make it more likely to get more money from your insurance claim. They know how to get the most money by checking the damage and talking to the insurance company for you.

Even if your claim seems easy, a public adjuster can help make sure you get all the money you should. They’ll make sure everything is done right and you get the most money possible.

Kend Adjusters prioritizes efficiency to ensure timely claims resolution, recognizing that clients want their claims resolved as quickly as possible.

Kend Adjusters has extensive knowledge of the insurance claims process and a deep understanding of various insurance policies. They can accurately assess damages and negotiate with insurance companies to maximize payouts for their clients.

Kend Adjusters stand out by employing professionals trained in water and fire damage, certified in mold and asbestos issues, and equipped with expertise in using Xactimate software for precise estimation. They also have a network of vendors, including restoration companies, structural engineers, civil engineers, content companies, and insurance lawyers, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to maximize client returns.