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Fire Damage Claim Public Adjusters | Kend Adjusters
Fire Damage

Fire damage refers to the physical damage to a property because of burning. This damage may either be directly caused by the flames or could occur due to smoke and other corrosive substances emitted by the fire.

Water Damage Claims Public Adjusters | Kend Adjusters
Water Damage

A water damage clause is a provision in a property insurance contract that details whether the insurer covers water damage to the property, and if so, under which circumstances and for how much. Usually, most homeowners and renter policies include such clauses.

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Wind Damage

Windstorm insurance is a subset classified as a casualty-property insurance that provides protection to persons and property against the damages of windstorms. This policy is a supplementary benefit and may be added to the main homeowners’ policy for an additional premium.

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Hurricane Damage

Property loss and damage due to natural disaster called a hurricane. Coverage for damage from hurricane winds might be included in a homeowner's policy. Water damage caused by same might not be covered.

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Commercial Damage

A commercial property policy is an insurance policy that covers the buildings and contents of the buildings for a business.

Vandalism Damage Claim Public Adjusters | Kend Adjusters
Vandalism Damage

Vandalism and malicious mischief (VMM) insurance is a type of property insurance coverage that indemnifies or compensates the insured for losses arising from acts of vandalism

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Why Hire A Public Adjusters | Kend Adjusters
David J. Czarneski
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I really can’t say enough about Frank Oliveri and Kend Adjusters. The suggestion to use a public adjuster to navigate the bureaucracy involved when one makes an Insurance Claim is something that did not occur to me. I’m so glad I followed through on the suggestion. Frank is an unassuming professional who was there for us and educating us throughout the entire Insurance Claim. I feel that Ken’s experience in this field led to a well managed claim. If it weren’t for Kend Adjusters, I am confident we would have left money on the table simply because we did not have the experience or know the questions to ask. Thank you Frank! Thank you Kend Adjusters! Give them a call, you wont’t be disappointed.
Nick Fowler
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Many people don’t realize they have a right to use their own adjuster when they have an insurance claim. I was included in that group before I was introduced to Kend Adjusters. Frank is a thorough and experienced individual and was always available to answer my questions. He brought attention to many things I would never have noticed during my claim and helped me navigate my way through from start to finish. I believe that if I had not hired Kend my claim would not have been paid out appropriately, and I would have had a major headache on my hands. I would use them again without question.
Laura Guzallis
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We had a devastating event happen that destroyed our kitchen and several other rooms in our house, , it was a hardship for our family. Partnering with the insurance company was very challenging and complicated so we called Kend Adjusters. Best decision we ever made. The team was amazing and was very knowledgeable. They removed stress from our lives and navigated through all the red tape with the insurance company to “ do the right thing”. We are so grateful.
Jeanne M
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Kend Adjusters was there for us from the beginning. Frank was so helpful and honest throughout the entire claim process and we’re so happy we found him! Hiring Kend Adjusters saved us a lot of time and we didn’t have to worry about dealing directly with the insurance company. Frank helped us to know what questions to ask and what steps to take so we could have the best outcome for us. I would highly recommend the Kend Adjusters team to anyone who needs help with a Claim!