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Have you suffered recent damage to your property that requires repair or replacement and an insurance claim? Whether you are a business, individual or a family, there are a few steps you have to consider to make sure you file a successful insurance claim, get the payout you deserve and minimize the disruption on your lifestyle. In our latest blog article on the Kend Adjusters website, our team will be breaking down 4 of the most important steps in filing an insurance claim.


1. Calculating An Accurate Estimate

In order to submit an insurance claim you will need to calculate an accurate estimate of your loss. Many insurance policy holders look to make this estimate calculation by themselves. Unfortunately, this often leads to inaccurate estimates and insurance policy holders receiving a lower claim amount than what they actually lead! Public adjusters like Kend Adjusters help insurance policy holders to accurately estimate their loss. At Kend Adjusters, we use Xactimate software to produce the highest level of estimation.

2. Filing Your Insurance Claim

Once you have calculated an accurate estimate you need to get started filing your insurance claim. This can be a complicated process and each element needs to be completed correctly in order to submit a claim for a successful result. Be sure to follow the steps carefully. If you want to make sure you get this step right, all you need to do is contact at public adjuster, just like the team at Kend Adjusters. We can help you through the process and make sure your insurance claim is filed correctly.


3. Relocation When Necessary

Has your home or business suffered significant damage rendering the property unfit for use? If so, you will need to consider relocating your business or living space to another property while important repairs are conducted on your property. Although alternate properties can be difficult to sort while going through the insurance claim process, Kend Adjusters can handle this for you. We help you to find an alternate similar property that will work best for you while you wait for repairs to be completed.


4. Hiring a Public Adjuster

If you want your insurance claim to be not only successful, but a high claim amount, then you need to hire a public adjuster. A public adjuster is an expert in insurance claims who is always on your site, the insurance policy holder. As professional public adjusters, Kend Adjusters is here to help you achieve the best possible insurance claim result. Hiring a public adjuster is one of the most important steps in a successful insurance claim.


Need To File A Claim?

Have you experienced damage to your commercial or residential property and need to file an insurance claim? Kend Adjusters is here to help. Our team of expert public adjusters can help guide you through the entire insurance claim process, including generating an accurate estimate, filing your claim and even relocating your business or you and your family to another property whilst repair works take place. Don’t risk losing out on a potentially larger insurance payout by filing your insurance claim by yourself. Hire a public adjuster from Kend Adjusters today and get the insurance claim payout that you deserve. Click here to contact us today on our website.