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There aren’t many worse feelings than when damage hits your commercial property. No matter how significant the damage is, it almost always causes you to immediately cease business operations and scramble for what to do next. Your next move should be to call the experienced public adjusters at Kend Adjusters. We offer specialized commercial public adjuster services to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. That’s why we are breaking down our commercial public adjuster services in this blog article on our website. 


Claim Filing

To achieve the best result for their insurance claims, insurance policy holders need a public adjuster to help file the insurance claim correctly. The team of experienced public adjusters at Kend Adjusters help our insurance policy holders with this to make sure their claim is filed as accurately as possible, which always results in the best chance of success for the insurance claim. If you need help filing your commercial insurance claim be sure to get in contact with the professional public adjusters at Kend Adjusters. You can click here to get in touch with us through our online contact form.


Business Relocation

It is likely that the repairs required on your business will need time to be completed. You don’t want your business to be closed throughout the entirety of the repairs, especially if there is another option available. The team at Kend Adjusters can help you locate a suitable property to relocate your business to while the repairs are being completed. Find out more about how we can do this on our service page by clicking here.


Accurate Claim Estimate Calculation

Calculating a correct estimate for an insurance claim can be the difference between a successful insurance claim and a rejected insurance claim. Many insurance policy holders have difficulty calculating an accurate estimate for their commercial insurance claim. This is where we come in. At Kend Adjusters we use specialized skills and software to calculate the estimate for your commercial insurance claim, giving your insurance claim the best chance of success. This also helps to make sure you won’t be out of pocket for any of the repairs and related expenses involved in restoring the commercial property. Click here to learn more about our public adjuster services and how we can help calculate an accurate estimate for your commercial insurance claim.


Need To File A Commercial Claim? Contact Kend Adjusters Today!

When you need to file a commercial insurance claim there is no better team to help you than the public adjuster professionals at Kend Adjusters. We work hard to achieve the best possible insurance claim results for our commercial clients. Call us today on 800-988-3495 to speak to our friendly team on how we can help your commercial claim. Alternatively you can click here to fill out our online contact form.

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