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Have you recently suffered damage to your commercial or residential property? Are you an insurance policy holder? If so, then you will need to make an insurance claim to be compensated for the damages your property has sustained and for the costs incurred in repairing them. One of the most crucial steps in doing this is to calculate an accurate estimate to include in your insurance claim. Often insurance policy holders don’t get this step right, resulting in an underestimate for their insurance claim. This results in insurance policy holders being out of pocket unnecessarily.

At Kend Adjusters, our team of professional public adjusters help residents of Connecticut to accurately calculate their insurance claim estimates. We are experienced in helping Connecticut insurance policy holders get the claim amount they deserve. In this latest blog on the Kend Adjusters website, our team will be breaking down some of the ways insurance policy holders can make sure they accurately calculate their insurance claim estimate.


Pay Close Attention to Your Insurance Coverage

What are you entitled to? Read over your insurance policy and make sure you are aware and confident of what type of damage you are covered for. Not sure what you can claim for in your insurance claim? Contact the team of experienced public adjusters at Kend Adjusters. We can help you determine what you are covered for in your insurance policy. You can get in contact with us today through our website by clicking here.


Correctly Calculate Your Damages

One of the key steps in creating an accurate estimate of your damage and the cost of repair is to make a detailed account of all the damage that is present and covered by your insurance policy. This is a tricky process and is one in which many insurance policy holders don’t get right when completing their insurance claim on their own. Double check each space of your property to make sure you are accounting for all the damage your property has suffered. 


Hire A Public Adjuster

Public adjusters, just like the team here at Kend Adjusters, are experienced in all aspects of the insurance claim. With this experience, public adjusters can help prevent you from falling into the common undercalculation traps that many insurance policy holders fall into when making an insurance claim unassisted. At Kend Adjusters we use Xactimate software so that we can produce the highest level of accuracy in our insurance claim estimations. Click here to find out more about our insurance claim estimation services. 


Need Help Calculating Your Insurance Claim Estimate?

Do you need help calculating your insurance claim estimate? Don’t risk filing an undercalculated insurance claim! Contact the professionals at Kend Adjusters today to make sure you have the support you need for an accurate estimate and a successful insurance claim payout. Estimate calculation is just one of our many specialized public adjuster services designed to get you the best insurance claim payout possible. Click here to contact the Kend Adjusters team through our website. If you would like to call us you can do so on 800-988-3495. We are always here to help you with your insurance claim.