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If you have made an insurance claim in the past or are looking at making an insurance claim you have probably heard of independent adjusters and public adjusters. Many people can get confused as to what the difference is between independent public adjusters and independent adjusters. This is important to know as one works to get the best result for you and the other works to get the best results for the insurance company. The good news is that the professional public adjusters team at Kend Adjusters is here to break it down for you in this blog article! Let’s get started.


Independent Adjusters

What are independent adjusters? Contrary to what their name suggests, independent adjusters are not altogether ‘independent’. Independent adjusters work are employed by insurance companies. Part of their job is to work to achieve the best result for their employer, the insurance company. This is why independent adjusters are hired by insurance companies in the first place. 

If you are an insurance policy holder looking to file or negotiate an insurance claim it is important to not fall into the trap of thinking that the independent adjuster assigned to your claim is going to work for your best interests. 


Public Adjusters

How are public adjusters different from independent adjusters? Public adjusters work to achieve the best result for insurance policy holders, not insurance companies. This is why they are the most important person to contact when an insurance policy holder needs to file or negotiate an insurance claim. A public adjuster is the only professional who will work in the best interests of insurance policy holders. Public adjusters help insurance policy holders to correctly file and negotiate their insurance claim, working hard to get the best result possible for the insurance policy holder. Does this sound like the kind of professional you need? Call our public adjuster team today on 347-219-1410.


Public Adjuster Services

Public adjusters can offer a range of different services to insurance policy holders. At Kend Adjusters we help our clients to file insurance claims, assign insurance claims, negotiate insurance claims, calculate their insurance estimates and even relocate their home or business temporarily while necessary repairs are conducted on their home or business. You can find out more about our services on our website by clicking here.


Call the Professionals at Kend Adjusters Today!

Do you need a professional public adjuster to help you achieve the very best possible outcome for your insurance claim? If so then the best choice for you is the experienced public adjuster team at Kend Adjusters. Our team always works hard to get our clients the highest insurance claim payout possible, and do everything we can to make their insurance claim a success. Call our public adjuster team today on 347-219-1410 or click here to contact us through the Kend Adjusters website.

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