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Have you got damage to your residential or commercial property? Then it is time to file an insurance claim to get your costs for repairs covered. When it comes to filing an insurance claim, you need a public adjuster to help you get the best result. That’s where we come in! Kend Adjusters are the number one team of public adjusters in Connecticut. With years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, there is no better choice to protect your interest throughout the insurance claim process. In this latest article on the Kend Adjusters website, our team will be breaking down why we are the best public adjusters to choose in Connecticut.

We Care About You and Your Result

What separates us from other public adjuster companies? At Kend Adjusters we care about you and your insurance claim results. We are committed to doing everything we can to achieve the very best insurance claim result for our clients. By choosing Kend Adjusters you will know that you have someone in your corner working to get the insurance claim result you are looking for.

We Offer A Comprehensive Public Adjuster Service

Whatever you need in your insurance claim process, we have the service for you at Kend Adjusters. We offer a comprehensive public adjuster service to help you with claim filing, claim assigning and estimate calculation. Together, these services help our clients to achieve significantly higher insurance claim payouts, helping them to cover their costs for repairs to their property. Our high-quality services deliver outstanding results, which is part of what makes us the most trusted and most effective team of public adjusters in Connecticut.

Want to find out more details on our public adjuster services at Kend Adjusters? We have everything you need to know over on our website. You can check it out by clicking here.

We Take The Extra Step

At Kend Adjusters we don’t just stop at our professional and successful public adjuster services. We do what we can to ensure the insurance claim process is as comfortable as possible for you. We understand that being displaced from your residential or commercial property can be incredibly disruptive. That’s why we offer unique relocation services to put you up while necessary repairs are being completed on your property. You can find out more about this over on our website by clicking here.

If You Want The Best, Call Kend Adjusters

Your insurance claim isn’t worth risking on anything but the best, and if you want the best in public adjusting you need the team at Kend Adjusters. Our team is committed to helping you receive the insurance claim payout amount that you deserve. You can get in contact with our team today on 800-988-3495 or 347-219-1410. Alternatively, you can click here to contact us through our website.

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