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As the premier public adjuster and insurance experts in Connecticut, Kend Adjusters have years of experience in helping our clients achieve maximum results for their property insurance claims. Everyday we work with our clients to assist them throughout the entirety of their property insurance claim process. By delivering outstanding results in every instance, we have become the number one choice for insurance claims in Connecticut. In this latest blog article on our site, the experienced team of public adjusters at Kend Adjusters will be breaking down two common property insurance claims and how we can help.


Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire damage is an incredibly common form of property insurance claims. It can cause serious damage to residential and commercial properties alike. There are six types of fire damage:

  • Class A: fire that involves flammable solids, such as paper, cloth, wood, and plastics.
  • Class B: fire that involves flammable liquids or solids that can turn into liquids.
  • Class C: fire that involves flammable gasses, such as propane, hydrogen, natural gas, and butane.
  • Class D: fire that involves combustible metals, including sodium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • Class E: fire that involves factors in Class A and B as well as electrical elements.
  • Class F: relatively hotter and more destructive fire that involves cooking oils and fats.

Have you recently suffered fire damage to your residential or commercial property? Get in contact with Kend Adjusters today for immediate assistance with your insurance claim process! We can even help to relocate your office or living space while necessary repairs are being conducted on your property.


Water Damage Insurance Claims

Another commercial and residential property insurance claim that is very common is water damage. Water damage can be devastating to properties, causing damage across foundations, carpet and electronics. Due to this wide scope of potential damage, water damage can cause some very costly damage to your property. This is why it is so important to contact a public adjuster immediately for assistance. Doing so will speed up your insurance claim process and ensure you get the payout you deserve. Contact the experts at Kend Adjusters if you want to achieve the best result for your water damage claim.


Get Professional Help With Kend Adjusters

If you have suffered water damage or fire damage to your property, or any other time of damage covered by your insurance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Kend Adjusters. Our public adjusters are here to help you achieve the very best result in your insurance claim process. Click here to find out more about our public adjuster services we offer to our clients. You can also check out all the types of insurance claims we can help you with here. Call 

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