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Vandalism is certainly not a welcome incident for any residential or commercial. It often causes immediate issues for the condition of your property, so it is no secret that most of us look to get it fixed as soon as possible. However, did you know that vandalism damage may be covered in your insurance policy? That’s right, you may be covered for your costs in restoring your property back to its normal order. In this latest blog article on the Kend Adjusters website, our team will be taking you through what you need to know about vandalism insurance claims.


What Is Vandalism Damage?

Vandalism is a willful damage or destruction of property. This can occur to both residential and commercial properties. The most common forms of vandalism are broken or smashed windows and graffiti. Vandalism causes immediate damage to your property, lowering its value and often disrupting the peaceful enjoyment of a residential property or the operations of a commercial property.


Are You Covered For Vandalism Damage?

This is something that most insurance policy holders aren’t sure of. Regardless, vandalism damage is commonly covered in most basic homeowner and commercial insurance policies. This is almost certainly the case in commercial insurance contracts for buildings, schools, churches and other similar structures that are prone to vandalism damage. Vandalism and malicious mischief (VMM) insurance helps to indemnify or compensate you for any losses you incur from acts of vandalism.

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Why You Should Hire A Public Adjuster For Your Vandalism Damage Claim

All insurance policy holders are looking to achieve the best insurance claim result which will fully compensate them for their losses incurred from their vandalism damage. However, submitting an insurance claim without extensive experience can set your claim up for failure in the form of a reduced claim amount or an insurance claim being rejected entirely. That’s where a public adjuster comes in, just like the team at Kend Adjusters. We work alongside you throughout the entirety of the insurance claim process, from the initial assessment all the way through to your final insurance claim payout. With Kend Adjusters, you can rest assured knowing that there is someone by your side working in your best interests. Hiring a public adjuster is the most effective way to ensure a successful insurance claim process. Get back on your feet quicker with a public adjuster from Kend Adjusters.


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