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Property damage is one of the worst experiences for home or business owners. It can often make you feel helpless while waiting for your insurance company to give you the payout you need to conduct necessary repairs. Kend Adjusters is a team of professional insurance experts. We help Connecticut residents to get back on their feet as fast as possible after suffering from property damage. We go the extra mile to make your insurance claim process as comfortable as possible. In this article we are sharing how the Kend Adjusters team get you back on your feet after property damage.


We Offer Relocation Assistance Services

Residential or commercial damage can hit the breaks on your family life or your business operations. This can certainly be concerning when some repairs can take months to get your property back to its original functioning order. At Kend Adjusters, we offer unique relocation services to get you back on your feet as fast as possible. If your residential property has been damaged, we help you and your family to find suitable living situations while repairs are being completed on your home. In the case of commercial property damage, we help you to relocate where possible to maintain your business operations. This is just one of the ways Kend Adjusters will help you to navigate your insurance claim and get back on your feet. You can find out more about our relocation services on our website here.


We Help You Through The Insurance Process

The key to getting back on your feet after property damage is to file a successful insurance claim and get the payout you need to repair your property. This process can be difficult when trying to juggle all the other aspects of life that come with property damage. That’s why it is so important to hire a public adjuster to help. Public adjusters assist you with every step of the insurance claim process, including the claim estimate, filing the insurance claim and negotiating the insurance claim with your insurance company where necessary. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to handle everything yourself. Not only will this make the process unbearable, but it will also make it likely you will not receive the insurance claim payout amount you are looking for. Click here to check out all the different ways our public adjusters at Kend Adjusters can help you throughout your insurance claim process.


Contact Your Public Adjuster Team, Kend Adjusters

You can contact us today by calling us on 800-988-3495 or you can also click here to contact us through our website. Our professional team of public adjusters have the experience needed to achieve the best result possible for your insurance claim.

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