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At Kend Adjusters, our main goal with our public adjuster services is not only to help insurance policy holders across our service areas achieve their maximum return from their insurance company but also to ensure that the insurance claim process is as comfortable and easy as possible for our clients. This is what separates us from other public adjusters. We care about your claim amount and your experience. 

Our public adjuster services include a number of different elements that help you to get back on your feet as fast as possible. In our latest blog on the Kend Adjusters website, our experienced public adjusters team will be taking a look at some of the additional services we offer to go the extra mile to keep you comfortable throughout your insurance claim process.

Property Damage Removal

Do you have leftover damaged materials on your property? We work with professional, trusted vendors to remove any unnecessary damaged materials from your property to get it ready for repairs and back to a safe environment as soon as possible. Whether you have a commercial or a residential property, we do our best to get excess damaged materials removed so that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Temporary Residential Fixes

Has a room or portion of your home been damaged? Maybe your kitchen a bedroom has been damaged but the rest of your house and belongings are perfectly fine. At Kend Adjusters, we know that no two insurance claims or damages are the same. That is why we tailor our services to your needs. If you have damage to a small portion of your home we can setup a temporary solution till a rebuild is completed, meaning you don’t have to be displaced from your home while waiting on your repairs. 

Business or Residential Relocation

Damage can hit your commercial or residential property at any time. Significant damage can leave you in a real bind, with a business without an office or a family without a home. At Kend Adjusters we don’t let this become a reality. We offer relocation services for both commercial insurance policy holders and home insurance policy holders. If you are a commercial client, we help you to find a suitable office environment while waiting on repairs. For home insurance policy holders, we relocate you and your family to a new space while resconstruction takes place and we can even help you to lease a new property. That’s the Kend Adjusters difference.

Need Help With Your Property Damage Claim? Call Kend Adjusters

Do you need help filing your insurance claim? At Kend Adjusters we are more than just public adjusters. We help you to ensure your file process is completed successfully so that you receive the highest insurance payout possible, whilst also doing everything we can to ensure your life or business is disrupted as little as possible. Whether you are a commercial or personal insurance policy holder, contact the Kend Adjusters team today on 800-988-3495. You can also click here to contact us through our website and learn more about our public adjuster services.