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At Kend Adjusters, we are committed to helping insurance policy holiders through their entire insurance claim process. We specialize in a number of type of insurance claims like fire damage, water damage and hurricane damage. In our latest blog article, the professional public adjusters team at Kend Adjusters are breaking down the different types of insurance claims we can help our personal and commercial clients with. 


Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Have you recently suffered fire damage to your home, business, or office? Fire damage can impact include not only the visible physical damage to your property but also indirect damage caused by smoke and other corrosive substances emitted by the fire. Kend Adjusters is here to help make your fire damage insurance claim a success with our public adjuster services. 


Water Damage Insurance Claims

Did you know that most property insurance contracts include a water damage clause? This clause determines what insurance policy holders are covered for and under what circumstances they are covered. Don’t lose out on your insurance claim! Kend Adjusters is here to help you achieve the best water damage insurance claim result.


Wind Damage Insurance Claims

Experienced wind damage to your property? Kend Adjusters are experienced in casualty-property insurance and wind damage insurance claims. We can help you get the claim result you are entitled to.


Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

When hurricane damage hits, we know you need help as fast as possible. You may be entitled to an insurance claim in your homeowner insurance policy. Contact us today to find out if you can claim for damage repair to your home from hurricane damage. We are here to help.


Commercial Damage

Have you suffered damage to your commercial property? Commercial property insurance policies generally cover your building and the contents of your building. Kend adjusters can help you to temporarily relocate your business and get the right insurance claim to repair your commercial property. 


Vandalism Damage Insurance Claims

Vandalism damage can occur at any moment and cause a lot of unsightly damage to your property. Kend Adjusters have the experience needed to determine if you are covered for vandalism damage.


Damaged Contents/Property Claims

Whether it is damage to clothing, furniture, machines, computers, art work or other contents or property, we can help! The Kend Adjusters public adjusters team is experienced in damaged content and property claims.

Loss of Income & Commercial Damage Claims

When tragedy strikes a business it can result in both commercial damage and a loss of income. The Kend Adjusters team can help you with loss of income and commercial damage insurance claims. 


Business Interruption Claims

Has your regular business operations become interrupted by Covid-19 or another force beyond your control? Kend Adjusters is the team you can rely on to assist you with your business interruptions insurance claim.


Why Choose Kend Adjusters?

Kend Adjusters are experienced professional public adjusters who work on your side, not on the insurance companie’s side. We help you to achieve the maximum payout possible for your insurance claim to ensure you do not have any expenses to worry about. In fact, insurance claims involving a public adjuster receive a payout increase of up to 747% when compared to claims without a public adjuster. As you can see, hiring a public adjuster like Kend Adjusters is crucial to your insurance claim success.


Need to File an Insurance Claim? Contact Kend Adjusters

Have you suffered damage requiring one of the claims we have listed above? Then it is time to call the experienced team at Kend Adjusters. You can contact us today by calling us on 800-988-3495 or you can also click here to contact us through our website. Our professional team of public adjusters have the experience needed to achieve the best result possible for your insurance claim.