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One of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Kend Adjusters is “what is a public adjuster?” and “what does a public adjuster do?”. In our latest article, the Kend Adjusters team will be answering these two questions for you.


What is a public adjuster?

There are three main types of adjusters in the world of insurance and only one of them works for the insurance policy holder, the public adjuster. A public adjuster is an independent insurance professional experienced in aiding and assisting insurance policy holders throughout the entire insurance claim process. They are experts in the language and operation of insurance policies and claims, particularly when related to damage by fire, flood and hurricane. With this knowledge and experience, public adjusters are able to submit and negotiate insurance claims for insurance policy holders to help achieve the best possible insurance claim result.

Public adjusters help you to take the stress out of the claim filing process. As a public adjuster is not assigned by the insurance company and has no direct relationship with them, they are 100% committed to helping you achieve the best outcome for your insurance claim. When you need to submit a commercial or residential insurance claim, a public adjuster is the person you can turn to for help.


What Does A Public Adjuster Do?

Public adjusters can help you with a variety of insurance claim related services, including helping you to file and assign a claim. Having a public adjuster help you through the process of filing or assigning a claim feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders. You will feel confident in the fact that your insurance claim was submitted correctly with the help of a professional.

Calculating your claim amount is a difficult exercise and any miscalculations will result in you being out of pocket for your property damage repairs. In fact, most insurance claims completed by the insurance policy holder do end up underclaiming the amount required. A public adjuster can help you by creating an independent estimate for your claim amount so that you can be sure you are claiming for the full amount that will be required to repair or replace your damaged property.

Public adjusters can help you with both residential and commercial insurance claims.


How To Find The Right Public Adjuster

When choosing the right public adjuster for you, it is important to consider the experience, standing and knowledge of the public adjuster. Finding the right public adjuster is crucial to ensuring you have the right team to help you through your insurance claim process. Kend Adjusters have helped more than 100 clients to successfully file their claims, making us the perfect choice if you are looking for an experienced public adjuster to help you with your insurance claim.


Do You Need A Public Adjuster?

Do you require the services of a public adjuster? Kend Adjusters are a team of highly professional public adjusters ready to help you with your commercial and residential needs. You can get in contact with the team at Kend Adjusters through our website by clicking here. Our public adjusters team is always here to help you with our expert services.