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In this article, the Kend Adjusters team will be breaking down who we are and what our team of public adjusters can do for you!

Who Are Kend Adjusters?

Kend Adjusters are a team of experienced public adjusters specializing in helping clients through their commercial or residential insurance claim process. As public adjusters, we are independent and work to get you the best and most accurate result for your insurance claim through our services in claim filing, assigning a claim, estimate calculation and more! Our team includes an extended family of structural and civil engineers, insurance lawyers, building contractors, seasoned building appraisers, forensic accountants and contents specialists. We are experienced in residential and commercial insurance claims and have the knowledge needed to guide you through the process.

With over 100 trusted clients, 100 finished products and 9 years of experience, you can trust Kend Adjusters to be your trusted team of public adjusters.


How Can Kend Adjusters Help You?

As professional public adjusters, we provide a range of services in both residential and commercial insurance claims. At Kend Adjusters, our public adjusters team review your insurance claim and work hard to facilitate a smooth, speedy process without compromising on the full amount of your insurance claim that you are entitled to! We offer a range of public adjuster services including claim filing, claim assignment, relocation services and estimates.


Claim Filing & Claim Assignment

Kend Adjusters can help you with the claim filing process. We help our client, the policy holder, to maximize the claim amount they receive from their insurer. Experience a smooth, streamlined claim process as we help you to complete your claim filing. We can also assist you with assigning a claim. Making sure you correctly submit your insurance claim is crucial to receiving an optimal claim payout that is sufficient to cover your damages. For no-stress claim filing, call Kend Adjusters.


Relocation Services

Has your residential property been permanently or temporarily damaged? The public adjusters team at Kend Adjusters can help to relocate you and your family to a replacement residence until the insurance claim is finalized and your property is safe to return to. We can also assist with office relocation. Services just like this are why Kend Adjusters are the premier choice for you when you need a public adjuster for your insurance claim process.



We conduct an independent evaluation of your property loss to help generate the total loss value that you should claim for. Many people claim well under what their damage will cost to repair and what they are entitled to. With our independent evaluation process we can help you to ensure your insurance claim is for the correct amount which will be required to repair your damage.


Have Questions?

Do you have more questions on who we are, what we do and how we can help you with your insurance claim process? Get in contact with the Kend Adjusters team today on our website by clicking here for an answer to all of your questions. We are the first-class public adjuster you have been looking for. At Kend Adjusters, we help you to get what you deserve.