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    Difference In Independent Insurance Adjusters and Public Adjusters In Danbury, CT

    A property insurance adjuster analyzes insurance quotes and helps identify coverage areas to evaluate a claim’s validity. Insurers divide adjusters into two categories: independent adjusters and public adjusters. 

    Most people aren’t familiar with the term “public adjuster,” but they’re essential to making the most of your insurance policy.

    In the event the insurance company’s response only makes your massive issue worse, Kend Adjusters’ experienced CT public adjusters are available to assist you. Thus, Kend Adjusters in Danbury keeps an eye on policyholders when their insurers are unavailable.

    Independent Insurance Adjusters In Danbury, CT

    Unlike insurance companies, independent adjusters work for a variety of companies and are not obligated to make you the best settlement for your insurance claim. As a result, insurance services providers often reduce the number of insurance claims against property damage. Company adjusters are trained and compensated by insurance companies.

    Public Adjuster In Danbury, CT

    Using a public insurance adjuster in CT, you can be assured that you will receive what you are entitled to receive in regard to homeowners insurance claims, insurance, and consistency. Adjusters in Danbury, CT, work for you, the policyholder, instead of the insurance company.

    In Fairfield County, an Independent Adjuster represents you in litigation, while a company adjuster serves as the company’s defense attorney. To achieve a fair claim settlement, you should hire a public adjuster in Danbury.

    Difference between Independent Insurance Adjusters and Public Adjuster

    • Outcomes Of Claim Settlement Amount

    There is a significant difference between independent insurance adjusters and public insurance adjusters in Danbury, CT in terms of the amount of customers they serve. The majority of homeowners with homeowners insurance policies have their claims successfully resolved by independent insurance adjusters. It is generally true that the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters in Fairfield County offers a much better return, and homeowners often come away with some extra money.

    There are various insurance companies that employ Independent Insurance Adjusters. They are not required to provide you with the best possible settlement on your insurance claim. Besides training and compensating independent adjusters, insurance companies also provide them with a salary. In order to save insurance companies money, they commonly minimize insurance claims for property damage.

    • Service Cost & Pricing

    It is uncommon for public adjusters to be paid by insurance companies; instead, they are compensated by recovery. They work in your long-term interests since they only get paid if you do. They are paid out of any compensation you receive. The majority of public adjusters in CT charge a percentage of the home insurance claim amount and cover the difference with their fees.

    A schedule of rates is paid to independent adjusters rather than a salary or hourly wage, and they work under a contract. A percentage of each confined claim is paid to an independent adjusting firm by the insurance company; this percentage is included in the final settlement.

    • Claims Process & Approach 

    Your independent adjuster may not always be assessing your damage and loss in the best interest of your case. In the process, they may overlook damage and losses that aren’t as obvious but will still cost you money to replace or fix.

    It is the responsibility of a public claims adjuster to represent the insured in Danbury. Their claims are filed cautiously, their insurance policies are reviewed, and they forecast your losses; but these similarities end there. After assessing your damage extensively, public adjusters conduct a comprehensive inspection with careful analysis of any losses you have suffered beyond the visible damage.

    With Kend Adjusters in Danbury, CT, you can be assured that your best concerns will be addressed. Public adjusters will be your best friend when it comes to fire damage, water damage, or anything else. With our help, you can file a claim and work to obtain an equitable and maximum claim settlement by reducing the time-consuming claim process.

    Public adjusters in Fairfield County assist you in ensuring that your insurance company treats you fairly. Homeowners, whether residential or commercial, deserve to have someone look after their interests.

    The Kend Adjusters team of trained adjusters can help you if you have suffered damage from water, fire, storms, or recently discovered roof leaks and broken pipes. Call us today at 860-553-6600 to hire our public adjuster in Danbury, CT.

    couple sitting at the desk of an adjuster.

    Danbury is a city in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States, located approximately 50 miles (80 km) northeast of New York City. Danbury’s population as of the 2020 census was 86,518. it is the seventh largest city in Connecticut

    Danbury was settled by colonists in 1685, when eight families moved from what are now Norwalk and Stamford, Connecticut. The Danbury area was then called Pahquioque by its namesake, the Algonquian-speaking Pahquioque Native Americans (they are believed to have been a band of the Paugusset people), who occupied lands along the Still River. Bands were often identified by such geographic designation but they were associated with the larger nation by culture and language).

    One of the original settlers in Danbury was Samuel Benedict, who bought land from the Paquioque in 1685, along with his brother James Benedict, James Beebe, and Judah Gregory. This area was also called Paquiack (“open plain” or “cleared land”) by the Paquioque. In recognition of the wetlands, the settlers chose the name Swampfield for their town. In October 1687, the general court decreed the name Danbury. The general court appointed a committee to lay out the new town’s boundaries. A survey was made in 1693, and a formal town patent was granted in 1702.

    During the Revolutionary War, Danbury was an important military supply depot for the Continental Army. Sybil Ludington, 16-year-old daughter of American Colonel Henry Ludington, made a 40-mile ride in the early hours of the night on April 26, 1777, to warn the people of Danbury and her father’s forces in Putnam County, New York, of the approach of British regulars, helping them muster in defense.

    Learn more about Danbury.


    You’ll have to pay a fee to hire one of these licensed professionals, but a public adjuster can
    save you a lot of money by ensuring your insurance company pays the full amount it's
    responsible for, based on your coverage.

    A Public Adjuster is an authority on loss adjustments. We do not work for the Insurance
    company, we only work for the public. We are retained to represent the public and are used for
    preparing, filling and adjusting Insurance Claims. Our job is to make sure your Insurance
    company pays you an equitable settlement for what you are entitled to under your Insurance

    Public adjusters are specialists in the finer points and wording of insurance policies, as well as
    the filing and adjustment of claims. They usually have past expertise in construction or a similar
    sector, and they employ sophisticated tools to provide an unbiased assessment of a client’s
    property damage. They understand how to track and submit a policyholder’s first and
    supplementary claims.
    They also assist customers in negotiating with subcontractors and their insurance companies.
    Having an adjuster all across the procedure not only shields the insured from dangers caused
    by inexperience but also saves the adjuster time.

    We guide our clients through the difficult process of creating an estimate for damages and

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