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How To Speed Up Your Insurance Claim

No matter whether you have suffered minor or substantial damage to your commercial or residential property in Connecticut, like many insurance policy holders you will want to get the whole process sorted as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help speed up your entire insurance claim process. This helps […]

How To Avoid A Rejected Insurance Claim

The worst case scenario after suffering damage to a residential or commercial property is a rejected insurance claim. This can leave you out of pocket for thousands which you should be covered for under your insurance policy. Unfortunately, the wound of a rejected insurance claim is often self-inflicted for insurance policy holders. This is often […]

3 Insurance Claim Tips

Most Americans only file up to one insurance claim in their lifetime. So, chances are if you are looking to file an insurance claim it is the first one you have ever filed. Approaching an insurance claim can be a little daunting for those new to the process. At Kend Adjusters, our team of expert […]

Common Insurance Claim Mistakes

With many years of experience in the insurance claim industry, the experienced team of public adjusters at Kend Adjusters have seen just about everything when it comes to insurance claims. Unfortunately, there are a number of common mistakes we see from insurance policy holders looking to independently file their insurance claims. That’s why, in this […]